Our Services

Our Services

We zorgex.com Telecom determind to provide high Quality of service to our customers and we keeping that in mind Desigened Our wholsale service for our customers . we ensuring highest Quality of our each service Plan with Letest Technology , our high effecient Technical team monitoring 24/7 for ensuring Certain level of Quality with high ASR , ACD & lowest PDD.

zorgex.com Telecom Routes Delever excelent voice Quality & fastest connectivy . zorgex.com Telecom mosty connected with Direct Operator for Better Quality and better Pricing , our Direct Top Destinations are Bangladesh ,India ,Pakistan ,Nepal ,Sri Lanka , UAE , Philippines , China ,Malaysia.

Focusing on selected countries, we provide value to our partners by offering stable quality lines along with competitive rates and supported by our professional and efficiently managed network operations centre.

Since zorgex.com Telecom also manages its own retail telecom operations, it provides committed traffic volumes to partners, allowing them to manage their network capacities in a planned manner.
To discuss traffic exchange opportunities, please email : sales@zorgex.com.com

Zorgex Telecom . Retail voice provides very high quality worldwide voice termination through a single connection to Zorgex Telecom . ’s network Via TDM or IP. It’s a cost effective way for traffic direction to the specified destination using Zorgex Telecom . ’s extensive coverage. Zorgex Telecom . Retail provides premium quality termination to either hard to reach or hard to maintain destinations. Our Retail Product is specially designed to suit retail providers who have a limited termination pool or limited routing resources. Since we route directly to either an incumbent carrier/PTT or a highly screened, locally interconnected carrier we guarantee high quality retail termination.

Retail Wholesale

Zorgex Telecom . utilizes sophisticated Least Cost Routing (LCR) techniques to ensure that :
Customers can easily access top tier A-Z VoIP carriers for retail class termination
Customers get the most optimized cost:quality ratio routing of VoIP calls
Customers can choose A-Z VoIP routes where quality is never compromised

You can choose your own routing depth, Which means you choose the number of carriers you need for each code. If a call fails on the first carrier, it is immediately re-attempted on second and third and so on, till the call becomes successful. Select with the ratios between ASR, ACD, PDD and rates. Your account manager would get back to you with a rate sheet based on the above parameters.The final rate sheet would be as follow.

Wholesale Carriers:

Zorgex Telecom . has been in the VOIP business for over five years and we remove the complexities of Network operations and rating functions for medium and small carriers. We balance quality at the right price by continuously increasing our supplier base partnering with highly professional termination providers with stable routes who are capable of meeting our quality standards. In addition to the outstanding tools and processes Zorgex Telecom . uses, we know how critical it is for you to offer competitive services to your customers. We have many years of VOIP experience which enables us to understand your requirements and realize the importance of quality to build your brand.


Why zorgex.com Telecom Wholesale?

• Competitive rates
• Direct route management
• Routes Monitored 24x7 before live production
• CLI-certified routes
• ASR, ACD, PDD and Stability Assurance
• Dedicated capacity
• Real-time call monitoring
• Our pay-as-you-go model with no volume commitments, complicated agreements or restrictive credit department
•Get trouble resolved fast with 24x7 Extreme Customer Care with technical experts
•Choose between Standard and premium routes,

Directs Destinations:

Zorgex Telecom . has years of VoIP deployment and maintenance experience since 2009. Our team is certified by the best providers of VoIP integrated voice. With excellent global infrastructure and termination partners in over 200 countries, Zorgex Telecom . is able to provide High Quality Termination at competitive rates. Since we directly interconnect to the local termination gateways, stability is maintained 24 hours of the day.

Zorgex Telecom . provides High Quality Direct Termination via a carefully selected supplier base with dedicated capacity, by maintaining strict quality thresholds minimum ASR, ACD during peak hours with assured stability.
Zorgex Telecom . offers termination services in an effort to complement our offerings and provide you with the best solution for your VOIP business. Our clients are assured that all the components of their business are managed with the professionalism and technical expertise that any carrier requires.


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The Zorgex Telecom . provides you with 24x7 Customer Service.For enquires please call us our 24x7 customer services
E-mail us at info@zorgex.com.com