Wholesale Carriers

Wholesale Carriers

We offer Wholesale voice termination services through our VVC based Mechanism, at an excellent price and regular quality Checks through our Silver product to those customers who are looZorgex for a competitive price. Our Silver Product is primarily for wholesale voice carriers, ISPs, incumbent telephone operators and all price-conscious customers.

AVA Wholesale is a carrier-class provider of Wholesale VoIP origination and termination. Our network of 1000+ interconnects worldwide helps resellers and service providers meet their customers' demands by providing competitive pricing, flexible billing options, and complete redundancy.

By purchasing wholesale access through AVA Wholesale, independent resellers and service providers can quickly increase their profit margins and compete with larger service providers.

Our extensive network is built firmly upon exceptional telecommunication carriers that have been supporting businesses since 2 decades. AVA group network has designed, our wholesale carrier network with coverage, redundancy, flexibility, and price in mind.

Our pay-as-you-go model gives you top-tier quality with no volume commitments, complicated agreements or restrictive credit departments.Benefit from our large volume and purchasing power with low wholesale rates: increase your profit margins and compete with larger service providers.


Value is paramount. You require the best quality service, but you need it at price that doesn’t kill your bottom line. Whether you’re a reseller, hoster, or a voice service provider, we understand that providing a high-quality service while managing margins can be a challenge. Finding a trusted voice service provider that offers a full suite of secure and competitive voice services is top of mind.

king2telecom.com Telecom ’s Wholesale Voice Services offer you a reliable and secure solution that enables you to grow into new markets, simplify networks or maintain your current business model more efficiently. Level 3 serves 18 of the world’s top 20 Telecom Carriers and can provide you with the scale, knowledge and experience you expect with a network you can trust.

What king2telecom.com Telecom brings you…

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•king2telecom.com Telecom offer VoIP Termination and Wholesale VoIP for carriers, business, PBX, CallShops, wholesale resellers and other VoIP service providers. It’s very easy to get •started, signup for a new account, make a payment via paypal or our other available payment options, configure your devices / servers to connect with us, and you can •start to terminate calls around the world cost effectively.

•What king2telecom.com Telecom brings you…
•Worldwide Coverage
•Quality Worldwide Call Routing
•Superior Network Security
•Reliability using failover procedures
•Full supervision and customer care 24/7
•Pure traffic transit. System uses only the selected carrier(s) for all calls regardless the price and statistics for the called destination. Available for the Service Providers only.


Your Benefits

•Quality Worldwide Call Routing
•Reliability - Backed up platform to guarantee our services
•Compatibility - Compatible with all types of hardware: all Gateways, Switches, Call Router Servers.
•Technical Support - Support plans to assist you with all of your needs
•Web Management Tool - Check your balance at all times
•Functional Management Tool - Provides our clients with a detailed report of their calls so they can easily access their traffic and •balance of their accounts.
•Flexible call plans
•Payment Methods with full SSL secure connection


Wholesale VoIP Service Providers's Features.

Online Payment Gateway
Auto Invoicing
IVR Routing
Time Zone based CDR
Wholesale Routing
Wholesale Subscriber
Wholesale Origination Gateway
Max Call Limit per Origination Gateway
Max Call Limit per Wholesale Subscriber
Wholesale Advance Routing
Live Call Monitoring in Wholesale Subscriber Panel
Ticketing System
ACL Management based on Tariff Plan
Wholesale Sub-reseller CDR
Gateway Hourly ASR/ACD/ Report

Top Destination Report
Profit Analysis Report
Tariff Analysis Report
Termination Gateway Graphical Reports
Origination Gateway Graphical Reports
Termination Gateway Profit Graphical Reports
Live Call Summary
Live Call
Gateway Management
Gateway Balance Management
Max Call Limit per Gateway
Termination Provider Management
Termination Provider CDR Panel
Routing with Media & Without Media
Payment Management
Balance Management
Payment Report
DID number


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