Direct Destinations

Direct Destinations

Zorgex Telecom . has years of VoIP deployment and maintenance experience since 2009. Our team is certified by the best providers of VoIP integrated voice. With excellent global infrastructure and termination partners in over 200 countries, Zorgex Telecom . is able to provide High Quality Termination at competitive rates. Since we directly interconnect to the local termination gateways, stability is maintained 24 hours of the day.

Zorgex Telecom . provides High Quality Direct Termination via a carefully selected supplier base with dedicated capacity, by maintaining strict quality thresholds minimum ASR, ACD during peak hours with assured stability.
Zorgex Telecom . offers termination services in an effort to complement our offerings and provide you with the best solution for your VOIP business. Our clients are assured that all the components of their business are managed with the professionalism and technical expertise that any carrier requires.

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